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Communication / Advertising And Photography Job Professionnel

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Localité: Buea
Salaire: -- FCFA

Disclaimer! this isn't for you if you are already an established communication expert or photographer with a studio for example. This is for someone with a passion and skills in communication, adverting and photography and wishes to nourish and transform that passion into a business. 

Conflux is a startup based in Buea that has taken advantage of the digitization wind to create an online retail store that provides consumers with satisfaction of the online shopping experience at it's peak. We are a young group of dynamic, skill-driven individuals with a entrepreneurial vision. Our online store has products such as shoes, cloths, electronics, furniture and household equipment. Basically, its a drop shipping business so we rally do not stock the products in a warehouse or something. As of now, We're still a startup working from home. We do the product photography of all the products on our retail store. Our vision is to diversify and penetrate the digital advertising and communication field. that is why we are currently in need of a photographer who may choose to work full-time or on the basis of a contract with us. now what do you bring to the table?

if you have a background in Journalism and mass communication 

We are looking for a photographer with basic knowledge on communication and editing skills

Why you should consider to work with us.

- Briefly, this job is for both sexes, no preference at all as long as you have the will. Girls are highly encouraged to consider this

- You could be a student or have another job, it doesn't really matter as long as you're available 

- You don't necessarily need to own a camera, you have access to a camera (Canon 70D and accessories, lights, photo light box for product photography, work space, a computer and access to the internet for acquiring more skills. 

- Team spirit is key, we want someone who embodies this and believes in the idea of being self employed.

- Someone who shares our vision of seeing the potential the digital system has to offer. 

Main responsibilities

- It is important that you know how to operate a camera or at least have basic knowledge on how to use one. If not, you'll have to learn which should be quite easy

- Event coverage like weddings, conferences, shows and photo-shoot sessions

- Product Photo-shoots for brands and product launching

- Familiarize yourself with editing softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom and more

- Now to the interesting part, the SALARY is very encouraging! 

Enough said! i really don't care about your degrees or qualifications, it may be a plus but nothing more. As long as you have a skill or the will to learn. You're the right person we're looking for. for convenience, contact us on whatsapp, call or text

Location: Buea

Contract: Full time/part time


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