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Agri Business Manager at Guinness Cameroon S.A. (Diageo) Professionnel

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Localité: Douala
Salaire: -- FCFA

Agri Business Manager

Level:  L5A
Reports To:  Head of Procurement


Leadership Responsibilities

The role will be focused on leading the development and execution of best-in-class LRM strategy for Guinness Cameroon. It would work closely with GCSA Exec and functional teams to ensure that the LRM strategy is fit-for-market and is pursued with rigor and pace.

The role would be the business partner for a number of critical stakeholders in the upstream supply chain including farmers, consignment partners, input suppliers, finance providers, current / potential investors.

An essential part of the role would be risk preemption and management. Current LRM supply chains are still developing, and there are significant production, weather, pricing, political and governance risks that require close attention and creative management.

Financial Responsibilities

The financial scope of the role includes the governance, supply and quality assurance of all incoming local raw material for GCSA. The role is to safeguard that the right investments and partnerships are implemented, to ensure upstream supply chain development ahead of GCSA market growth plans.

The role will help provide for supply chain stability and growth of grains and other starch sources. This includes design and high level implementation support for partnerships which attract internal and external investment to enhance performance of supply chain project partners - farmers, agri-processors, logistic providers, etc.

The role will work closely with farmers and partner suppliers to improve yields and drive value via our yield-based production contracts, as well unlock new areas of opportunity in LRM including local barley and malting.

Market Complexity

Liaises with, consults and advises the GCSA Managing Director, Supply Director, CR Director, Head of Procurement, and Finance Director. Links closely with the Africa Head of Sustainable Agriculture Sourcing, to ensure application of lessons from other markets in Africa and globally.  

Works across functions and with the leadership team to ensure the development and implementation of GCSA LRM strategy that can guarantee cost-effective and sustainable local supply chains for core materials (sorghum, cassava, maize and ENA). Working with the Head if Sustainable Agriculture Sourcing, looks across markets to identify and implement partnerships and breakthrough business models that deliver value across all markets.

The role is part of the governance structure for GCSA LRM strategy and executions, accountable for delivery of key LRM business goals in GCSA.

Purpose of Role

To lead development and execution of GCSA LRM sourcing strategy, working collaboratively with a complex set of internal and external partners. The strategy should answer both the current and future business needs, while anticipating any risks to delivery and managing for these risks.

Top 3-5 Accountabilities

  • Lead development and execution of GCSA 5 years LRM strategy
  • Ensure supply chain stability and growth of LRM working closely with internal and external partners, especially the main LRM consigning partner
  • Drive increased yields at farm level, working closely with partner farmers, input suppliers, financiers, mechanization providers, consignment and Govt partners. Translate these increased yields into value for GCSA by embedding yield-based price contracts
  • Lead diversification efforts for GCSA LRM grain and spirit sourcing 
  • Ensure the agri-business partnerships, investments and future opportunities for LRM lead to sustainable improvement in quality, cost and flexibility in GCSA supply chains
  • Ensure sufficient governance and controls to manage the quality of LRM, from intake, storage, processing and movements till usage in the brewery.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Experience in development and exceptional execution of local sourcing strategies, involving multiple and diverse set of internal and external stakeholders
  • Degree or equivalent in any technical discipline
  • Proven Agronomy expertise in driving yields of key cereal crops (sorghum, barley or related) will be a strong plus – strong bias towards practical delivery with third party farmers and partners
  • Diploma in brewing and good knowledge of grain production will be advantageous
  • Awareness of Diageo quality, risk management, environmental and safety standards
  • Strong, persuasive leadership and influencing skills
  • An established network of government and business contacts in the field of agri-business development will be an added advantage

Barriers to Success in Role

  • Inability to secure full support of market leadership and functional teams in designing and executing LRM strategy
  • Inability to articulate business value and secure sufficient resources (management, financial and human) needed to develop and deliver GCSA LRM Strategy
  • Inability to build and maintain strong and effective partnerships with a complex and diverse set of internal and external partners, across a wide spectrum of Seniority and Functions

Mitigation for Potential Barriers to Success in Role

  • Governance model to include key stakeholders for continued engagement on LRM strategy development and delivery
  • Prior alignment on role: objectives, resources, KPIs. Elevate key capex / resource decisions as needed
  • Close engagement with key external value chain partners to ensure long term alignment on interests, roles and intended outcomes

Worker Type : Regular

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